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Jean Ross is a California born photographer is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.  Jean studied has spent her career as a public policy researcher and advocate, seeking to reduce inequality, expand opportunity, and promote broad-based prosperity in government, philanthropy, and the nonprofit sector, Jean led California’s premier fiscal and economic policy organization for seventeen years before moving to New York in 2012 and continues to divide her time between public policy and photography. She has studied at the International Center of Photography and her work has been featured in solo shows at Viewpoint Gallery in Sacramento, California and Gallery 1855 in Davis, California and in group shows at the prestigious Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo in Oaxaca, Mexico and a number of other galleries.  

Jean is also the Principal of Jean Ross Policy | Strategy, a consulting practice that develops effective policy campaigns and builds strong organizations to lead them.  Her work spans state, national, and global policy issues with a focus on fiscal and economic policy.